Paulownia wooden box "Kiribako" for storage


Paulownia wood boxes have the following characteristics;

・Humidity control
・Fire resistance
・Low distortion
・Insect resistant
・The lightest wood in Japan

In Japan, where there are four seasons and high humidity, paulownia wooden boxes "Kiribako" have been used for about 500 years as a storage box. Here are some examples of storage using the characteristics of Kiribako.

Tea Ceremony accessories.


The use of Kiribako began with the spread of the tea ceremony. The specifications of the box and the color of the Sanada-himo cord favored by the schools of tea ceremony, and the box is made just the right size so as not to take up too much clearance from the artwork. Also the specifications of the Kiribako vary depending on the type of tea accessories, such as tea bowls, matcha containers, and water jars. The value of the work increases dramatically when the artist's and Iemoto's(The head of tea schools) inscription are added to the "Kiribako". Currently, in antiques business, tea accessories without Kiribako cannot be sold at a high price. It is used not only as a storage for the work, but also as a proof of the work.

Cameras (and other precision equipment such as PCs and smartphones)

Camera in Kiribako

Precision instruments such as cameras and lenses are delicate. They need to be protected from moisture. Mold is generated from dust, dirt, and sebum from touching the camera or lens, and is more likely to occur when humidity is high. Once it occurs, it is impossible to remove it completely, and repair and replacement costs are high, so Kiribako with high humidity control properties are suitable for prevention in advance.


Kimono in Kiri chest

In Japan, there was a custom in the past to plant paulownia when a girl was born, and when she married, a chest of drawers for kimono was made from the paulownia and used as a wedding present from parents. Clothing is susceptible to damage from insect infestation if stored for long periods of time, but Kiribako is suitable for long-term storage of clothing due to its humidity-regulating and insect-preventing properties.

Cereals and breads

Bread in Kiribako

Cereals and breads are at their peak flavor at the time of purchase, and the flavor quickly fades with each passing day, but if they are stocked in a Kiribako, which has humidity control properties, the flavor is less likely to fade.


Shoes in Kiribako

Shoes in Kiribako

Sneakers undergo hydrolysis due to moisture. Hydrolysis is a reaction between a compound substance and water that causes it to break down. The special chemical material in the sole section deteriorates over time. Eventually, the sole of the shoe and the top from the sole will peel off and separate. The humidity-controlling effect of the paulownia wood box prevents hydrolysis.

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