Kiribako, Kiri box, Tomobako
Old Kiribako(Tomobako)

Paulownia wood (called " Kiri " in Japanese )has long been revered as a tree of good fortune and happiness. Since ancient times, Japan has had a culture of storing important items in paulownia wooden boxes called "KIRIBAKO" ( Kiri box). KIRIBAKO has been used to store kimonos, vessels, hanging scrolls, hina dolls, umbilical cords, and so on.

Paulownia wood has a less shrinkage and deviation, so making it suitable for long-term storage and preservation of important items even in the four seasons of Japan, as it is less susceptible to outside temperature and humidity. It also has lightness and cushioning properties that keep items fresh and prevent them from losing their shape. Paulownia wooden boxes have come to be valued not only for storage, but also as gift boxes.

Black silk screen imprint on Kiribako

Kiribako, Kiri box, tomobako
Hako-gaki on Kiribako

Kiribako, Kiri box, paulownia box
kiribako for tea container
Kiribako of artisan (Tomobako)

Kiribako with gold foils stamp
Gold foil stamp on Kiribako

kiribako for silk screen
Black silk screen imprint on Kiribako

Kiribako, Kiri box, Zen
Hot stamp on Kiribako

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