How Japanese Washi Boxes are used in Japan

Japanese Washi box is made by pasting Washi onto strong and thick cardboard. In Japan, they have long been sold as packages for Japanese sweets and tea for souvenirs and gifts.

Japanese sweets

Compared to Western paper, Washi is by nature stronger and less prone to tearing and deterioration, making it a suitable material for food products. Using advanced techniques, it is characterized by its thin, smooth appearance and exquisite, delicate, uniquely Japanese colors.

These packages for candy from a confectionery company in Kyoto, Japan. It is elegant and looks as if it carries the air of Kyoto. It is a perfect gift or souvenir. The recipient will surely be pleased. It can be used secondarily as a small container, and is also stylish when displayed in a room.

Japanese Washi paper box
Made by Iwaiseika.Co.,Ltd.

In Japan, there is a huge variety of ready-made Washi with a vast number of patterns. Rather than spending huge cost to produce original Washi, ready-made Washi can be used for inexpensive and speedy production. Still, it will surely be a rare package that is scarce in your country.

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