How Kimono pattern "Chrimen" Crepe Fabric Boxes are used in Japan.

1.Interior decoration

The beautiful Japanese patterns of "Chirimen" crepe box will add color to your room when displayed as interior decoration.


As a sewing or DIY tool box

Keep your easily scattered sewing and DIY tools in one place

As a memory box

It is a convenient size for storing notebooks, diary, New Year's cards, letters, family photos, etc. The lid prevents dust from entering and keeps your memories safe and secure. Memories will come back to you when you open it.

As a box for daily necessities

It is useful for temporarily putting away items that you want to keep close at hand. For example, you can put together small items that you use frequently on a daily basis, such as smart phones, wallets, watches, medicines, glasses, etc., so that you won't lose them and your room will be cleaner.

As a blindfold box

You can also put remote controls (TV, video, light, air conditioner, etc.) that are left on the desk and blindfold them to create a fashionable space. You can create a stylish space by putting remotes (TV, video, light, air conditioner, etc.) that are left on your desk in a box and hiding them from view. You can also clean up the space by simply putting items that you tend to leave on your desk, such as books that you are about to read, in a box.

As a box for personal grooming items

If you put accessories, cosmetics, hairbrushes, sprays, and other daily personal grooming items in a box that can be quickly accessed, it will make your daily routine easier, such as before a busy commute to work.

As a document box

Important documents and other important items can be stored in this box to prevent them from being lost. If you keep your medicine notebook, medical certificates, insurance policies, etc. in the box, you will not be in a hurry when you need to use them.

As a box for wedding and funeral items

By storing a set of Beads, a Fukusa, a Kinpou, a writing pen, etc., you can quickly respond to sudden weddings and funerals.

3. Birthday present or return gift

It can be used as a congratulatory gift for family members, relatives, friends, and lovers. It is also a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, etc., as a token of appreciation. It makes an even more special gift when presented as is with a gift inside the box.

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